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Also known as: Fragraria vesca, wild strawberry, and Woodland strawberry.

Introduction: The strawberry plant is a creeping perennial vine native to Europe with indented leaves in groups of three growing on the stems below the flowers and fruit. Strawberries come in endless varieties but all leaves of all strawberries contain healing tannins.

Constituents: Tannins, antioxidant flavonoids, a small amount of ascorbic acid, a tiny amount of essential oil.

Parts Used: Dried leaves and leaf fragments, with some stem; mixtures frequently contain flower particles.

Typical Preparations: Traditionally used as a tea, sometimes available in tea bags; also used in extracts and sometimes capsules.

Summary: Strawberry leaf is astringent, tonic and diuretic. The tannins in strawberry leaf teas are a gentle remedy for diarrhea. King's American Dispensatory, a textbook of herbal medicine used by physicians in the United States in the early twentieth century, recommends strawberry leaf tincture mixed with mulberry or raspberry syrup for treating dysentery, conditions modern medicine would identify as chlamydia or gonorrhea, and difficulty in urination. Blight or spots are commonly found on dried strawberry leaf, and this is commonly confused with a pernicious form of mold. This is a natural cycle of the strawberry's maturation process and should not be confused with mold or fungus. Folk uses (not reliably documented) include the external use of the leaves as a poultice for rashes or in bath water for aches and pains, and internal use for arthritis, anemia, and speeding up a sluggish metabolism.

Precautions: Avoid if you allergic to strawberries.



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